Nothing is perfect, and therefore metal is not perfect. There are few bands that have managed to stay consistent and actually good over the years. Many of them use the formula that first worked and use it (and abuse it) over and over again. Some others sell out and some just die or disappear. 

Vader is one of those bands that has a pretty solid discography. Many of us were wearing diapers when Vader placed Poland in the international death metal scene. And now it's been 22 years since The Ultimate Incantation saw the light for the very first time and it feels like Vader has just reborn.

Tibi et Igni is the name of the new monster that Vader has created. All the way from Go to Hell and up to The End, this album captures the essence of what Vader has been building since they formed way back in 1983. Aggressive riffs, demonic solos, and that charming voice of Peter. Really, Vader will never let you down. The normal edition has a little bit over 40 minutes of pure devastation.

When Vader released Welcome to the Morbid Reich in 2011 it marked not only a new album, but a whole new era for Vader. It was the moment when they got their intensity back and mixed it with some fresh blood. (Peter is almost 10 years older than the rest of the band and he's twice as old as the drummer, who is 24). Personally, I think Vader has not released a single album that can be labelled as bad. Not only in the death metal world but in the whole metal world Vader is an acclaimed and loved band. I mean, pretty much every single metalhead has heard of Vader.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is Hexenkessel. It contains everything you want from Vader: aggressive and catchy riff, strong and marked drum beat, thrash soloing and of course, evil lyrics. Ha! Tibi et Igni is now one of my favorite albums of this year.

This and the previous album had marked an era before and one after. Seriously.

Highlights: Go to Hell, Triumph of Death, Hexenkessel, Worms of Eden, The Eye of the Abyss.

Vader - Tibi et Igni (Review)

Posted by : Mario Minware
Saturday, July 12, 2014
This year has been full of surprises. And one of the biggest was hearing that Arch Enemy's super duper famous vocalist, Angela Gossow, would be stepping down from vocals to leave room to... Alissa White-Gluz. Yes.The Agonist's vocalist.

That's a huge ass change! First of all, Alissa's not only known for her growls, but also for her clean singing. And besides, she's been selected as one of "the hottest chicks in metal" by Revolver Magazine. Anyway...

A couple of years ago, one of the Amott brothers (Christopher) also left the band (again) to be replaced with Nick Cordle (ex-Arsis). A couple of interesting changes in Arch Enemy's lineup there. And with big changes comes big responsibility...

And that's what War Eternal is all about. Change.

Let's face it. Arch Enemy has been a mediocre band ever since the Liiva era (which means, almost 15 years of mediocrity). No matter how much fame and fortune (and groupies) they gathered all those years, they still pretty much sucked. Fame and fortune (*ough cough* Metallica *cough cough*) doesn't mean at all that your music is good. And really, I don't really know why Arch Enemy is still a big thing.

Through the years they managed to make their music boring, and more boring, adding some lame ass lyrics and no attitude at all, reaching their limit with Khaos Legions. One of the most boring Melodic Death Metal albums ever. So maybe some fresh blood would have an impact on them. Who knows? Well, we all know now.

War Eternal is not what you would call anything fresh or new. If you listen carefully, you can hear pieces of Wages of Sin all over the place. And that's not something bad by itself. They just took a working formula (basically, replacing and old vocalist) and released a new album. Some people say Alissa sounds just like Angela, nut in my opinion that's a huge mistake. She's got the attitude and clearly, she writes better lyrics. Overall, music is more attractive and dynamic than before. Riffs are cool, though nothing epic worth remembering. You can still hear the influence of the new vocalist and the new guitarist.

My score? 6/10. It's got some nice moments. Not bad at all and i hope they continue down this path.

Arch Enemy - War Eternal (Review)

Posted by : Mario Minware
Saturday, June 28, 2014

I was telling you last year that among all-female metal bands Aldious is my favorite. At first it would seem like image had something to do with it (and I'm telling you, it has NOTHINg to do with it) but they are great musicians. Since I read some reviews on their debut, Deep Exceed, I realises this was not going to be like your average power metal band.

You look at them and you see girls wearing colorful  dresses, tiaras and whatnot and yet they do not fail to deliver this fast and, aggresive? Nope, I'm going to go with cute and sweet. LOL. But you know what I mean, happy (and fast) riffs, catchy melodies, clean singing, love and fantasy themes.

You can also hear the influence of J-pop in some of their songs, because well, Japan is flooded with that. You have the typical piano accompanied song and the soft and melodious passages, but there is always the strong presence of drums and the energy of guitars. Their first and second full lenghts are marked by Rami's voice, which is extremey powerful to say the least. However, 2012 marked her departure due to health issues and she was replaced by Re:NO (god only knows what does that even mean LOL). It's not like she has a bad voice, but it's a lot softer than Rami's voice, no shrillness in her voice but you production seems to be pushing her voice a lot, affecting the overall deliverance of the band. And that's how District Zero was and ok album, but that could have been better. Way better.

Aldious is still a young metal act that has time to grow and learn from their mistakes in order to continue delivering high quality pwer metal that can only be found in Japan. So far they have release 1 EP, 4 singles, 1 DVD and 3 full lenght albums and their current line-up consists of:
  • Sawa, bass
  • Yoshi, guitars
  • Toki, guitars
  • Aruto, drums
  • Re:NO, vocals.


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Wednesday, January 15, 2014
The year is almost over, pretty quick as every year. I hope that everyone accomplished their goals and have new ones. And remember, we all miss one or another and it is ok as long as we tried our best.
This is not the kind of stuff I wrote regularly, but fuck it. The holidays spirit has possessed me. 
Anyway, happy holidays to all of you readers of Tyrant's Hell.

Happy holidays!

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Friday, December 27, 2013
I was telling you the other day about my weird quest for all girl metal bands. It was a really weird quest as it seems that girls are getting into the metal scene nowadays more than before. Well it found also rock bands but we'll discuss that later (maybe never). One of these bands I found was this: Cyntia. A very young band formed in 2011 playing power metal. Since I began my journey and starting with Aldious it seemed that I do like power metal, but only when it is performed by girls. Why? It's because I cannot tolerate male vocalists doing those horrible high pitched vocals.

Girls are basically on the other side. I mean, there are high pitched vocals (they are from Japan after all), but hight pitched voices and women do get along. They have released two full length albums so far: Endless World and Lady Made. Whereas in Endless World they did a little more experimentation they decided to aim for the power metal route on this album. Which is fine, it suits them. The last album had a heavier vibe to it. If they do continue down this road they might improve a lot, even if their fame and fortunes is based mainly in their image. It is a great album, but not perfect. Again, it lacks originality.

However they album is not disappointing at all and it might attract a larger audience into the metal scene. It's not like you begin with Cyntia and then continue with Dark Funeral, but you have to start somewhere, right?

My favorite tracks: IV and Lady Made. And now a little video (it's a fucking sample) for you to watch them in case that huge album cover is not enough... LOL.

Cyntia - Lady Made

Posted by : Mario Minware
Sunday, December 22, 2013
It's been a while since I last posted here. And it's not because I don't to want to post or anything, is just that I need more time for myself. One of my goals for next year (yes, I say the same every year) will be to dedicate more time for myself. My thoughts are complex and they need to be organised. Blogging often helps to achieve this. So I brought back this blog. As you remember, I close the English version of my blog due to time. And then I closed the Spanish version due to time. And now I brought both back to life. I hope this will help to achieve some goals in my life.
Anyway, I hope to post here often and tell you about my life, and why not start right now? I had an attack earlier this month to get new music. Listen to new artists. At least new for me. I noticed a time ago that there was a lack of girls in my metal library so I said to myself let's look for all-girl metal bands!!! I only knew of G∀LMET (Japanese Melodic Death Metal band) and Aldious so far so it was an interesting quest. I have nothing against girls in metal, it's just that metal is a community dominated by men, both in audience and in performance. It's not my fault. LOL. And finally, by clicking here and there I got to this: Destrose.

They are a fairly new act (formed in '07). Their style, you ask? Heavy Metal. They also fit into the visual kei branch of music, and it is kind of obvious why. Anyway, besides having a ton of singles, EP's, live recordings and whatnot they just released their debut album this year that goes by the name of Destrose.With only 10 tracks it defines what Destrose is all about and sums the work this galshave been doing for the past 6 years.
From the opening track The Destruction of Chaos until the last track 破壊の薔薇 this girls continue to amaze me. For some reason each time someone mentions a japanese girl I think of high-pitched voices and stuff. This is not like that. Not at all. here, watch them play.

Production is flawless and there is aclear heavy metal vibe a la Mötorhead that does not leave their kawaii personality. Riffs are really catchy power metal-esque and drummming is fast and heavy. Vocals fit perfect here, and you can even hear the bass clearly. So what's worng with this? Because something has to be wrong. It is the lack of originality in music. It is quite an innovation in image but there is nothing really new about their music. That does not make them bad, just not the best. 
That's pretty much all, so i¿ll tell you what my favorite tracks are: Skykiller, Lifer 13, Sword of Avenger, and Fenixx.
Maybe later this week I'll tell you about what I found on my quest for all-girl metal bands.

I'm Back / Recommendation: Destrose - Destrose

Posted by : Mario Minware
Thursday, December 19, 2013
I'm sorry to inform you that this blog will we suspended for some time.
Not that Google contacted me or anything, I just don't have enough time to keep 6 blogs alive...
In any case, I'll still post the random song of the week, and some random shit, but I don't promise anything.
So, see you later my friends.


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Monday, November 14, 2011
We can now check the new demo of this band: Survival.
Let's see if they pull it together ;)

Download here.

Survival Demo 2011

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Well, it seems that I owe you posts again. It didn't have enought time this sunday and wednesday but here I go. Double post. A song an a review from Evanescence's self-titled new album, and hopefully some magazine will hire me as their reviewer.
Let's take off with the review.
The album saw the lights this monday. And what do i think of it? Well, i don't think it was worth the wait at all. i mean, it's not bad, but it isn't their best. I'd rather listen to The Open Door over and over again. Now, that's Evanescence.
Anyways, Amy Lee have always stated that she doesn't like to do the same thing over an over again. And that's good, I mean, if they have followed the Fallen-formula instead of releasing The Open Door they would have lost at least a fan (me hahaha). Evolution is always great. Even though it doesn't work for some bands.
The thing that i don't like the most about it is the lack of guitars. I mean, they DO have guitars, but... Not as the previous ones. They went back to the Fallen-era guitars, meaning lots of power chords. i just don't like the lack of emotion in guitars. It sounds less metal. You know, they were never a pure metal band, but they had their moments specially in The Open Door (I'm sorry but i love that album). Amy Lee still has an awesome voice that comes out in every second, and her magical piano is alwais with her.
I'm tired already, let's say that out of 10, I give it a 7.5.

Now the metal stuff. SLAYER! The Unit 731 was a covert bio-chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army during the second sino-japanese war and the World War II. It was also responsible for the most awful war crimes commited by the Japanese. But enough history...

Slayer - Unit 731

I am the last of the dying insane
You would scream at the things I've done
Knowing that the dead still see
My blood it runs like mercury

Your last breath the sword comes down
She dies first speaking death to me
Philosophy, the vision, the view within
Duty, science, abstract cruelty

What are your final thoughts?
Do you want to kill me or die in shame?
From my point of view
Justified action, the enemy burns

The fun of massacre in the brain
Bioweapons and I are the same
Look at their face, hatred in their blood
Pile up the dead, my humanity

X-rays burn all that you can see
Nobody knows what a body can stand
Skulls on fire yet mercy is worse
You seek only your pleasure in death


Bacterial target, eyes exploding
Melting flesh through your mind
Become your madness insanity wins
Infant's flesh on the walls
Testing limits threshold of pain
Ripping out teeth to observe
I want blood

[Lead: Hanneman]
[Lead: King]

Knowing now the dead still see
My blood it runs like mercury

Human brain experiment
On prisoners open skull
Vivisection, live dissection
Repulsing to the core


Fuckin' burns

Pathogens seek horrible end
Churning factories of death
Crematoriums see your crime
You will see me in hell

Evanescence/Song of the Week

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Friday, October 14, 2011
Today one of the most iconic characters of modern technology passed away.
Being 56 and victim of cancer Steve Jobs lost this battle. The geek world is shocked by such a loss, and we will surely miss him.

Quoting someone from MA:

I've got nothing more to say than:
Rest in peace Steve.

Bye-bye Steve Jobs

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011
This is just perfect for today.
Monumento a los Caídos - Leprosy

Ventanas llorando
Paredes y piedras
Son ciegos testigos de
La historia de Tlatelolco
Ni lavando las paredes
Ni lavando todo el patio
Se puede borrar la sangre
De todo un estudiantado
Soldados vomitando ráfagas
Sobre una multitud indefensa
Muriendo en una matanza
Fría y calculada
Con la sangre derramada
Pintaremos el pasado
De una vergonzosa historia
De Tlatelolco enlutado

Genocidio vergonzoso
Un recuerdo frio y crudo
2 de octubre ennegrecido
Monumentos a los caídos
En Tlatelolco
No se pueden borrar
El pasado
De un recuerdo
Tan amargo
Gritaremos a los vientos
Monumentos a los caídos
Ni lavando las paredes
Ni lavando todo el patio
Se puede borrar la sangre
De todos los insurgentes.

Song of the Week

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Sunday, October 2, 2011
Just watch this

I like the Spanish version better... lol

Why Google is the leadin company in... Well, pretty much everythig

Posted by : Mario Minware
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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