Posted by : Mario Minware Saturday, June 28, 2014

This year has been full of surprises. And one of the biggest was hearing that Arch Enemy's super duper famous vocalist, Angela Gossow, would be stepping down from vocals to leave room to... Alissa White-Gluz. Yes.The Agonist's vocalist.

That's a huge ass change! First of all, Alissa's not only known for her growls, but also for her clean singing. And besides, she's been selected as one of "the hottest chicks in metal" by Revolver Magazine. Anyway...

A couple of years ago, one of the Amott brothers (Christopher) also left the band (again) to be replaced with Nick Cordle (ex-Arsis). A couple of interesting changes in Arch Enemy's lineup there. And with big changes comes big responsibility...

And that's what War Eternal is all about. Change.

Let's face it. Arch Enemy has been a mediocre band ever since the Liiva era (which means, almost 15 years of mediocrity). No matter how much fame and fortune (and groupies) they gathered all those years, they still pretty much sucked. Fame and fortune (*ough cough* Metallica *cough cough*) doesn't mean at all that your music is good. And really, I don't really know why Arch Enemy is still a big thing.

Through the years they managed to make their music boring, and more boring, adding some lame ass lyrics and no attitude at all, reaching their limit with Khaos Legions. One of the most boring Melodic Death Metal albums ever. So maybe some fresh blood would have an impact on them. Who knows? Well, we all know now.

War Eternal is not what you would call anything fresh or new. If you listen carefully, you can hear pieces of Wages of Sin all over the place. And that's not something bad by itself. They just took a working formula (basically, replacing and old vocalist) and released a new album. Some people say Alissa sounds just like Angela, nut in my opinion that's a huge mistake. She's got the attitude and clearly, she writes better lyrics. Overall, music is more attractive and dynamic than before. Riffs are cool, though nothing epic worth remembering. You can still hear the influence of the new vocalist and the new guitarist.

My score? 6/10. It's got some nice moments. Not bad at all and i hope they continue down this path.

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