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Remember when I said I wouldn't translate any posts? (Of course you do, it was like 5 minutes ago...)
well, this is one that I really liked, and want to share it with you guys.

It has been a while since Andriux asked me to do a review and I finally will do it! I just received my sponsored copy from Checkholocaust (lead guitar from Oaxacan Thrash Metal band Survival) of Steel Jaguar (Compilado 1). I'm so lucky because I got this for free!

And here it is:

Is this cool or what? I want a t-shirt!
The wait was long, but finally on January 11st it was released. And although you could already hear some demos from each band's myspace, it's nice to be able to play it out loud in my computer speakers, just as I write this.

The bands involved are:

At Libitum - Heavy Metal, with:

  • Darkness Warriors
  • Heavy Metal Night
  • Momentos sin Tiempo

Dr. Jekyll y Mr. Hyde - Thrash Metal, with:

  • Dr. Jekyll y Mr. Hyde
  • Guerrero
  • Zombie´s Thrash

Survival - Thrash Metal, with:

  • Viper Attack
  • Chainsaw Demon
  • Running Wild Pussy

Evil Blood - Thrash Metal, with:

  • Sangre del Mal
  • Evil Fucking Blood
  • Thrash Metal Assault Pt. 1

Black Tiger  - Heavy/Speed Metal. with:

  • Rock & Roll
  • Betrayer
Right now, there is a VERY limited number of copies and I don't really know if they are selling it or what, so I uploaded a copy of it so you can download it from Mediafire: The best Free File Hosting!

No password needed or anything and it was uploaded by me. As this is the first (well technically, the second) time I'm doing this I hope any of the bands won't sue me.

There you go. Mission Acomplished.

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