Posted by : Mario Minware Sunday, March 13, 2011

Some old-school Thrash Metal for this weekend and to help ease my ribs pain from last weekend.
Anyway, I posted last year (in my other blog of course) this band from Ohio with their new album.

But let me tell you that the debut is one million times better. Yes, I'm talking about Vindicator.

So, why was the debut better?  Because their earlier sound was rawer and... Well, thrasher... And if you don't believe me check this out:

Vindicator - Fresh Outta Hell

On Mars, this is my punishment
I'm bored with guarding scientists
It's no fun because I live for War

Phobos calling out Distress
Deployed alone into this mess
Gateways free a Demonic Swarm

They're comin' Fresh outta Hell

I Stand knee deep in the dead
One man against hellish dead
If I fail, mankind is doomed

Blood-stained on the shores of hell
Enter the Inferno Realm
Possessed, thy flesh consumed

They're comin' Fresh outta Hell

Driven by the overwhelming evil in the air
Storming through the gates into the Cyber-Demon's lair
Falling into darkness, I'm blind to the attack
Crossing through the gateway, I'm never coming back

They're comin' Fresh outta Hell


What do you think? Cool, right?

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