Posted by : Mario Minware Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's been a while since I last posted here. And it's not because I don't to want to post or anything, is just that I need more time for myself. One of my goals for next year (yes, I say the same every year) will be to dedicate more time for myself. My thoughts are complex and they need to be organised. Blogging often helps to achieve this. So I brought back this blog. As you remember, I close the English version of my blog due to time. And then I closed the Spanish version due to time. And now I brought both back to life. I hope this will help to achieve some goals in my life.
Anyway, I hope to post here often and tell you about my life, and why not start right now? I had an attack earlier this month to get new music. Listen to new artists. At least new for me. I noticed a time ago that there was a lack of girls in my metal library so I said to myself let's look for all-girl metal bands!!! I only knew of G∀LMET (Japanese Melodic Death Metal band) and Aldious so far so it was an interesting quest. I have nothing against girls in metal, it's just that metal is a community dominated by men, both in audience and in performance. It's not my fault. LOL. And finally, by clicking here and there I got to this: Destrose.

They are a fairly new act (formed in '07). Their style, you ask? Heavy Metal. They also fit into the visual kei branch of music, and it is kind of obvious why. Anyway, besides having a ton of singles, EP's, live recordings and whatnot they just released their debut album this year that goes by the name of Destrose.With only 10 tracks it defines what Destrose is all about and sums the work this galshave been doing for the past 6 years.
From the opening track The Destruction of Chaos until the last track 破壊の薔薇 this girls continue to amaze me. For some reason each time someone mentions a japanese girl I think of high-pitched voices and stuff. This is not like that. Not at all. here, watch them play.

Production is flawless and there is aclear heavy metal vibe a la Mötorhead that does not leave their kawaii personality. Riffs are really catchy power metal-esque and drummming is fast and heavy. Vocals fit perfect here, and you can even hear the bass clearly. So what's worng with this? Because something has to be wrong. It is the lack of originality in music. It is quite an innovation in image but there is nothing really new about their music. That does not make them bad, just not the best. 
That's pretty much all, so i¿ll tell you what my favorite tracks are: Skykiller, Lifer 13, Sword of Avenger, and Fenixx.
Maybe later this week I'll tell you about what I found on my quest for all-girl metal bands.

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