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I was thinking of continue the title of the post with something like "... that changed my life" but that just sounds cheesy hahaha.
Anyway, today I will star a "new section" of the blog if you will, where I will post those artists unrelated to metal (at least to TRVE KVLT metal hahaha) that I like, and I don't really give a fuck if you don't.

Let's start with... Err... Evanescence! Yep, this pseudo-gothic-nü-metal rock band from Arkansas... Don't get me wrong, I love them it's just that I hate most of their fan base hahaha. And their style has always been difficult to tag.

Anyway, they started in 1995 formed by Ms. Amy Lee and Ben Moody (who now works with Avril Lafuckingvigne and this Evanescence reloades, We are the Fallen) playing rock, that eventually evolved into something you could call Gothic Rock. They released their first EP in 1998 which caught a lot of attention  (well, from local people at least) and later released their first LP: Origin.

Origin is the fucking way to go with this band. It's the album that gave birth to their "heavy" sound. It's the album where they developed most of the songs of Fallen... Yep, Fallen, the album that made them HUGE.

The golden couple...
They then signed with Wind-up (their current label) and before releasing Fallen they were on the Nintendo Fusion Tour... I remember the adds for that on my Club Nintendo magazine... Evanescence was the lead band back then... Then they hired John LeComp, Rocky Gray and Will Boyd... But when they released Fallen, the madness began. The fame, the changes... Ben Moody quit the band due to "creative differences" and was replaced with Terry Balsamo  and after that the future of the band was uncertain.

The band in its early days.
The Open Door was a major step forward in their career, Amy Lee (the genius behind this band) decided it was time to change the direction of  Evanescence... I liked it. It has more variety in sounds, it has no depressing lyrics (at least not as many as in Falen), it is the proof that music industry IS about talent.

Anyway, they have just entered the studio again and I can say that I'm looking forward to this. I hope they release a new album soon, and that Amy will surprise us again.

I'll finish this post with Lies, the best song Evanescence has written...

Just perfect...

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  1. Back in the day I used to listen to Evanescence all the time, now not so much, but I still like them. I'm also interested in the new album :p

  2. Yeah, I don't know why but that's a banda I will always like, no matter what.


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