Posted by : Mario Minware Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Better late than never but I had so much stupid Calculus homework... Anyway, here I am posting the song of the week inspired by the Metro...

I also realized that I have never postes such an unknown band a this one:
They come from Taiwan performing this Black/Gothic Metal fusion that reminds us of Cradle of Filth. Yes, they are ChthoniC and from their album "Seediq Bale" the track #4:

Chthonic - Banished into Death

(Chinese part)

Clans destroyed, and broken,
Motherland ravaged
Survivors hunted to the last
Painful history recast

Exiled misery

(Chinese part)

War-lust unquenced, spew forth much ire
Victorious army gloats and plunders
Tragic history recurs

Fractured Homeland

(Chinese part)

Battle hath consumed the warriors
Those left behind merely flesh shells
Chuan Isle, new home of the banished
Ancestors wait for the laggard souls

Anyway, a pretty interesting band from a pretty interesting country...
Have a nice week-beggining!

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  1. Chthonic are amazing, I've seen them live twice and they just blew my mind!

  2. Thanks for passing by my blog.
    I want to see them live but I doubt they'll ever come to Mexico :(


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