Posted by : Mario Minware Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's Sunday again, time passes quickly, we are at the middle of the semester and almos a week away from the first holydays... Etc etc...
And it's also time for Death Metal!
From Poland comes this pioneer band of Death metal (and one of the firsts in Europe, or at least of the ones that reated the Death metal scene there if I recall correctly): Vader!

They've been on the scene for a while and a few years back they released their album Imnpressions in Blood that inclues among other things a cover from Slayer's Raining Blood. Well, it's not the song featured on this post but the track #4:

Helleluyah! (God is Dead)

Passing the empty house
I see the thing upon the Wall
Wooden sticks crossed together
And kneeling man talking to the effigy of steel...
God is Dead!!! Dead !!! Helleluyah!!!

Smell of burnt bodies
Slaughtered virgin lies dead without the face
Men staring at the skies
Singing lines and eating sand of waste...
God is Dead!!! Dead !!! Helleluyah!!!

Wandering the globe around
I saw no miracles nor wonders
Humanity so poisoned by their myths
Why none can see my wings?!
God is Dead!!! Dead !!! Helleluyah!!!


With a pretty interesting videowith the horns and the wings... Hahaha kind of weird actually...


EDIT: Visit the new Metal Archives site. It's awesome.

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