Posted by : Mario Minware Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do you smoke? Would you mind telling me why do you smoke?

Cigarrettes are probably the most common ways humans consume tobbaco, a plant from South America. And probably one of the most consumed drugs.

Did you also know that it causes thousands of deaths around the world besides cancer, emphysema, lung damage, teeth damage, and general damage to the body?

It contains toxic stuff like carbon monoxide, arsenic and tar, stuff that's easily found in gases from cars, poison and hydrocarbons.

Do you still want to smoke? Please keep in mind these non-written rules about it:

  • If you are going to smoke around others sk them if they're Ok with it. Otherwise do it some palce else, or don't do it.
  • Do not smoke in closed spaces.
  • You are allowed to throw ashes into the ground but NEVER the cigarrette butt.
  • Do not smoke in places you could start a fire, and never throw a still burning cigarrette butt into a thrash can.
And please, if you ever read this sign RESPECT IT. There are still thousands of us who DON'T WANT TO DIE.

You might as well go and eat tar and just fucking die.

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