Posted by : Mario Minware Sunday, December 22, 2013

I was telling you the other day about my weird quest for all girl metal bands. It was a really weird quest as it seems that girls are getting into the metal scene nowadays more than before. Well it found also rock bands but we'll discuss that later (maybe never). One of these bands I found was this: Cyntia. A very young band formed in 2011 playing power metal. Since I began my journey and starting with Aldious it seemed that I do like power metal, but only when it is performed by girls. Why? It's because I cannot tolerate male vocalists doing those horrible high pitched vocals.

Girls are basically on the other side. I mean, there are high pitched vocals (they are from Japan after all), but hight pitched voices and women do get along. They have released two full length albums so far: Endless World and Lady Made. Whereas in Endless World they did a little more experimentation they decided to aim for the power metal route on this album. Which is fine, it suits them. The last album had a heavier vibe to it. If they do continue down this road they might improve a lot, even if their fame and fortunes is based mainly in their image. It is a great album, but not perfect. Again, it lacks originality.

However they album is not disappointing at all and it might attract a larger audience into the metal scene. It's not like you begin with Cyntia and then continue with Dark Funeral, but you have to start somewhere, right?

My favorite tracks: IV and Lady Made. And now a little video (it's a fucking sample) for you to watch them in case that huge album cover is not enough... LOL.

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