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Well, it seems that I owe you posts again. It didn't have enought time this sunday and wednesday but here I go. Double post. A song an a review from Evanescence's self-titled new album, and hopefully some magazine will hire me as their reviewer.
Let's take off with the review.
The album saw the lights this monday. And what do i think of it? Well, i don't think it was worth the wait at all. i mean, it's not bad, but it isn't their best. I'd rather listen to The Open Door over and over again. Now, that's Evanescence.
Anyways, Amy Lee have always stated that she doesn't like to do the same thing over an over again. And that's good, I mean, if they have followed the Fallen-formula instead of releasing The Open Door they would have lost at least a fan (me hahaha). Evolution is always great. Even though it doesn't work for some bands.
The thing that i don't like the most about it is the lack of guitars. I mean, they DO have guitars, but... Not as the previous ones. They went back to the Fallen-era guitars, meaning lots of power chords. i just don't like the lack of emotion in guitars. It sounds less metal. You know, they were never a pure metal band, but they had their moments specially in The Open Door (I'm sorry but i love that album). Amy Lee still has an awesome voice that comes out in every second, and her magical piano is alwais with her.
I'm tired already, let's say that out of 10, I give it a 7.5.

Now the metal stuff. SLAYER! The Unit 731 was a covert bio-chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army during the second sino-japanese war and the World War II. It was also responsible for the most awful war crimes commited by the Japanese. But enough history...

Slayer - Unit 731

I am the last of the dying insane
You would scream at the things I've done
Knowing that the dead still see
My blood it runs like mercury

Your last breath the sword comes down
She dies first speaking death to me
Philosophy, the vision, the view within
Duty, science, abstract cruelty

What are your final thoughts?
Do you want to kill me or die in shame?
From my point of view
Justified action, the enemy burns

The fun of massacre in the brain
Bioweapons and I are the same
Look at their face, hatred in their blood
Pile up the dead, my humanity

X-rays burn all that you can see
Nobody knows what a body can stand
Skulls on fire yet mercy is worse
You seek only your pleasure in death


Bacterial target, eyes exploding
Melting flesh through your mind
Become your madness insanity wins
Infant's flesh on the walls
Testing limits threshold of pain
Ripping out teeth to observe
I want blood

[Lead: Hanneman]
[Lead: King]

Knowing now the dead still see
My blood it runs like mercury

Human brain experiment
On prisoners open skull
Vivisection, live dissection
Repulsing to the core


Fuckin' burns

Pathogens seek horrible end
Churning factories of death
Crematoriums see your crime
You will see me in hell

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