Posted by : Mario Minware Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's been a while since I posted in here for the last time. I hope to get back on track...
In the meanwhile let's metal it up!
A pretty weird Death Metal band from Canada, mixing Death Metal with Progressive Metal in a very interesting way...

Formed around 2001 and having released 2 albums they have gained respect from many with their style.
So, I present you a song from their latest album:

Augury - Brimstone Landscapes

Infant souls came to this world
Longing for given eyes
With a craving for marvels
Unbeknownst, the surprise to come
Exiled off heaven
All life lined for the final requiem
Exiled off heaven
Where in hell did they land?

Dreams echo in their vacant minds
Sentience fading to oblivion
Yield to the uncivilized
Those brimstone landscapes
Upward we shall fly
Exiled off heaven
All life lined for the final requiem
Exiled off heaven
Yes in hell they did land

Freeze the image in your minds
A gleeful dream amidst torments
Visualise lush over the waste
Memories, the only archives
Of a world evaporated
Global matricide, leeches drill her skin
Sorcerers' apprentices unleashed the pillage
They scatter for cover, yet the land's bare
They now lament about why this came upon them all

Palliative care for the Earth's infection
Who will dare build the ark?
Flying castle a man made cloud
We shall then sail the storms above

With the duty of seeding
These shores upon which we landed
Those once were mountains
(We're) bound to there sow life again
Let our sons have sons until all mind is forgotten again
Let fire resurrect, let everything be reborn


Very interesnting, and one from the songs where they mix more weird elements than in others.

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