Posted by : Mario Minware Thursday, July 28, 2011

It is well known that the discrimination issue in Mexico is a never ending story. You might as well be a woman, a man, a cat, a dog, gay, transexual, alien, metalhead... You could almost feel being discriminated for being a human being!!!

Anyway, I've been looking for a job, you know? To take care of the chibi that's on the way, and guess what? I haven't found one, well actually I found many but none of them were willing to hire me due to my long hair.

Chattin with the greatest Chibi we said it had something to do with private companies and their "We reserve the right of admission" policy. It is hard to say that it is a discriminatory issue as most of the private companies have their own ideologies, policies, etc etc. but it really looks like it is.

I was asking in a pet shop (of horrors!!! Muahaha!!!) for a job, and the manager said to me: "We would have to ask you to cut your hair, and lose your ear piercings". While the woman had long hair and two ear piercings in each lobe. I just nicely said "Well, thanks anyway" and left but I surely wanted to yell: "Keep your fucking job... And lose the ear piercings too." That's where it looked like I was being discriminated, damn it! If I'm not allowed to wear ear piercings then nobody else should!

People of the worl, unite! And let's stop discrimination against men with long hair at work!

There is even a Facebook group if someone's interested hahaha.

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