Posted by : Mario Minware Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'ts been a while since the last recoomendation post I wrote, I have very few things to do :P

I'm pretty sure you know some of the work by The Black Dahlia Murder, this Melodic Death Metal band from Michigan. Since they released Nocturnal these guys have been into the pioneer metal scene that we all enjoy, starting to write all those riff that make us bang our fucking heads.

Perhaps it could be the influence from Arsis' guitar player Ryan Knight who joined the band around that time, who knows? And who cares? As long as they keep writing stuff such as Nocturnal, Deflorate and now...


It seems like these guys are trying really hard to stay on the top, and probably becasue it wasn't easy at all to get there. Well, let's stop talking about them and let's talk about this! Their recent material, Ritual, another masterpiece and probably their longest album up to date. Not that there is something wrong with that bu you can hear the improvement in songwriting.

Since Moonlight Equilibrium came out as a preview for what would came many of us were shocked and hoping that the rest of the album sounded just as good as this. Check it out to know what I'm talking about.

Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, the album continues like this, interesting lyrics...
Well, I feel lazy, I'm wet due to this stupid rain so I'll just tell you want songs to listen:
Moonlight Equilibrium, On Stirring Seas of Salted Blood, Carbonized in Cruciform.

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